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I am an amateur radio operator and hold a Basic+ license with Morse code. I hold two callsigns, VO1HAX for Newfoundland, along with VE3NWE for Ontario. Both of my callsigns identify me on a personal level. HAX represents my techie side, where HAX is short for hacker. Although I do not consider myself a computer hacker, I do enjoy hacking electronics to find out how they work, modifying them to my own needs, and manipulating the ways they function. NWE is short for NetWork Engineer, which is my long term career goal. I wish to build up my skills to, one day, be at the top of my field, as a Network Engineer.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at one of the following email addresses:
As my own website administrator, I enjoy combining the benefits of web, programming, and scripting languages to create websites, while finding different ways to create an interactive experience. For my own personal site, I enjoy simplicity, but I also have a love for complex, dynamic content.

I am a board of Director for a non-profit organization called TC Pageants

I am a former Board of Director and incorporator for St. John's Pride Inc.

I love languages and the languages, other than English, that I used the most are Español (Spanish) and American Sign Language. I also have taken interested in Русский (Russian) and Français (French).